My Little Kombi, for vintage fans !

Discover Lyon in a fancy Combi !

December 20, 2013, the Volkswagen Group decided to stop production of the Kombi in Brazil. Turning the page … but not quite!

Born in 1950, he played for years on freedom of expression, Flower Power, the Isle of White and the adventures along the beaches, guitar in hand. Before being a symbol of the hippie generation, it was also the unfailing companion of craftsmen and transport of all kinds, in its version of pick up or van.

For the nostalgic, Volkswagen has planned  to revive this iconic model. Better than a reissue: the manufacturer plans to produce an electric combi with a complete restyling. A green version, but  the engine can in some countries be adapted for fans of the engine.

So we have not finished to cross this friendly van with large daisies displayed on its sides!

Pending the arrival of the new version on the market in 2019, we will still enjoy the original version.

VW-Combi e

And this is great, since it is precisely what offers Christophe to help you discover the city of Lyon. Roam the ancient capital of Gaul to the rhythm of a Combi.

Passionate about his city, and authentic Gone, Kriss will deliver you  all the secrets. It is neither the stories nor the anecdotes that are missing!

His project was born from the desire and passion. If finding a Combi is not the most difficult task, as a tourist activity in itself is another story.

His project led from start to finish allows him to take the privileged groups in the heart of Lyon, clients at the airport or employees convey time of an event, lounge, conference, seminar ….

Success along the curb and roads is ensured by his likability and his inimitable face.

Two Combi are available, you can not miss the!

From 2 to 14 seats for a private or business trip


To contact Christophe and have the chance to sit in the back:


07 62 69 39 62


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