For street food lovers

A new trend in town

As we conclude on last Sunday an event to be a hit in terms of food lovers and curious, the first edition of the Lyon Street Food Festival suggests that this fad has not finished to be emulated, and especially to decline.


Even the chefs are getting into! This is not Joseph Viola who tell you otherwise. Lovers of the famous Lyon restaurant “Daniel and Denise” could taste his specialties in the courtyard of Subsistances, Saone dock.

We had to book elsewhere if we wanted a chance to taste the burgers made by Krys, delicious and natural fruit cocktails at Estanco or a burger in the truck, all in music with DJ Boom Bus – Festo.
A real carousel of flavors this festival! Lebanese food (Akle), Vietnamese, Mexican (Piquin), China (Beijing 8) … there was something for every mouth and tastes. The traditional burger will always make you happy, declined in all its forms for buns’ addicts.

If you do not go to the restaurant, food comes to you.
Initially confined to industrial areas for the jaded ham and butter to a lunch break, the food truck has gradually won our sidewalks and our markets. It gains in quality and originality.
Now acclaimed by companies as well as by individuals, it becomes the guest stars of pro events – product launches, cocktail, seminar … – as individuals.
Generation Y disrupts codes and wants to breathe new in our throats!
We want more, Thank you that?

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