Lyon , the new Roma ?

What a funky idea !

Heralds of ecology, tourism stakeholders in Lyon do not lack of creativity to help you discover the city.

The latest in the family, Lyon Tuk Tour.

It obviously remembers the images of Bangkok, Lisbon, Rome and all those cities that have long since adopted this friendly rickshaw to take Dad, Mom and kids hit the cobblestone streets without tiring.


The famous tuk tuk but..somehow better.
Finished backfiring and polluting taxis in the open air!
No more CO2 scrolls which allowed following it to the track. Now we can finally understand and hear the guide, be it in French or in English .

The Frenchie tuk tuk in Lyon is green (electric) !! A good idea from our friends of Lyon Bike Tour coming to add this environmentally responsible and quiet vehicle to their already bloated supply.

Another argument, and it is high: you can sit 6 behind!

So noiseless and accompanied by a guide with your family, friends, visiting clients, or with your bride you will  discover or rediscover the famous capital of the Gauls

Course duration :  an hour or two,
For more info:


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